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Foreign Body in Nose

Nasal foreign bodies are common in the emergency room, especially in children, but also in people with psychiatric illnesses or developmental disabilities. Foreign bodies in the nose are normally harmless, but they can cause mucosal injury, bleeding, infection, and aspiration.

What indicators do you look for if you have a foreign body in your nose?
You may assume that your child has put something in their nose, but when you peek up their nose, you can't see anything. Other symptoms may be caused by foreign items in the nose.

Nasal congestion
Nasal discharge is caused by a foreign body in the nostril. It's possible that the drainage will be clear, grey, or red. Nasal discharge with a foul odour could indicate infection.

Breathing problems
It's possible that your youngster will have trouble breathing through the damaged nostril. This happens when an object plugs the nose and makes it harder for air to pass through.
When inhaling through their nose, your youngster may emit whistling noises. This noise could be caused by a stuck object.

Detecting the presence of a foreign body in the nose.
If you feel your child has something in their nose but can't see it, make an appointment with their doctor. During the session, the doctor will ask your child to lie down while a hand-held illuminated instrument is used to examine your child's nose.
Your child's doctor may take a swab of nasal discharge and test it for bacteria.

How do I get rid of the object?
 The foreign item in the nostril must be removed as the only treatment for this condition. In some circumstances, all that is required to treat this illness is a gentle blowing of the nose.
The doctor may use a topical anaesthetic (spray or drops) to numb the area inside the nose to make your kid more comfortable. The doctor may also administer a medication to assist prevent nosebleeds prior to the removal surgery.
Antibiotics or nasal sprays may be prescribed by your child's doctor to treat or prevent an infection.

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