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Fishbone in Throat

Swallowing a fish bone is common, especially among persons who consume a lot of fish. Despite the fact that fish bones are frequently small, irregularly shaped, and pointy, they normally pass through the digestive track without causing any problems. Some people, though, may have a fish bone lodged in their throat.

Symptoms and Signs
As soon as the fish bone becomes stuck, it is likely to be felt. The cause of any discomfort is also likely to be immediately apparent.
Aside from general discomfort, there are several other possible symptoms of having a bone stuck in the throat, including:
• coughing
• a prickly or tingly sensation in the throat
• pain when swallowing •
difficulty swallowing
• a feeling of fullness at the base of the neck
• a sharp pain where the bone has impacted the throat
• spitting up blood.

What can a doctor do?
A long, flexible tube with a small camera at the end is known as an endoscope. This tool can be used by your doctor to extract or force the fish bone down into your Throat.

Suggestions for prevention
Fish bones or other food items lodged in the throat are more likely in some people.
It's especially common in those who have dentures and can't feel their bones while chewing. It's also prevalent among children, the elderly, and those who consume fish while inebriated.
When eating a bony fish, always keep an eye on children and high-risk persons. Small bites and slow chewing should help you and others from becoming stuck with a fish bone.

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