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Foreign Body in Ear

An ear infection, discomfort, and hearing loss can all result from a foreign item lodged in the ear. You usually know when something is lodged in your ear, but little toddlers may not.

The most common cause of a foreign body in the ear is a toddler who has put something small in the ear canal. When an insect flies or crawls inside the ear, it might cause it. The presence of foreign bodies in the ear is common. The majority of foreign bodies in the ear become lodged in the ear canal and trapped.

Symptoms and Signs of an Ear Foreign Body (Object)
A foreign body in the ear might cause the following symptoms:
• a feeling of fullness or as if something is stuck in the ear • pain and • a loss ofhearing on the affected side.
• Associated symptoms include nausea and vomiting, coughing, and bleeding.
• If the object remains in the ear and is not removed, an infection may develop, resulting in the following symptoms:
• ear pain that is more severe, redness, swelling, or a discharge from the ear.

• Your doctor will use an otoscope, a lighted magnifying glass, to check into your ear canal, see the object, and determine whether you have an infection or a torn eardrum.

• The most common treatment for an object in the ear is to remove the thing.

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