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Auditory Verbal Therapy

Hearing loss has an impact on children's life and development. Several methods for assisting hearing- impaired youngsters in developing language abilities have been developed in recent decades. AVT (auditory-verbal therapy) is one such method. Researchers have discovered that music and play have a significant impact on children's communication abilities, leading to the establishment of music therapy (MT) and play therapy (PT) (PT)

What are deaf children's communication options?
Parents of a deaf kid or newborn can choose from a variety of choices, including sign language, bilingualism, Cued Speech, Total Communication, oral speech and language therapy, and Auditory Verbal therapy. Auditory Verbal Therapy (AVT) is one of them, and it's the one that focuses the most on the child's audition.

AVT is distinct from conventional speech and language treatment methods in several ways:
 Rather of depending completely or partially on visual signals, AVT focuses on growing the hearing section of the brain (the auditory cortex). AVT aims to take use of this window of neural plasticity in the first three and a half years of life in order to build the brain as a hearing brain (rather than largely a visual brain, for example).
 AVT focuses on teaching parents or caregivers how to employ Auditory Verbal tactics and techniques in everyday activities and play so that their child's listening brain and spoken language abilities are developed at every opportunity.
AVT is a programme for early intervention. Working with the kid extensively throughout their first few years should result in their requiring far less further help for the remainder of their lives.
AVT attempts to improve a child's social skills as well as his or her theory of mind (the capacity to recognise how one's mind varies from another's). This helps students develop and maintain friends at school.
What Is Auditory-Verbal Therapy and How Does It Work?
Auditory-Verbal Therapy's purpose is to help deaf and hard-of-hearing persons bridge the communication gap and develop the necessary communication skills that others with normal hearing take for granted.

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