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Micro Ear Surgery

Significant progress has occurred on the concepts of micro-ear surgery with the development of medical information, research and development as well as the instrumentation used for ear surgery. We perform this surgery for middle ear fluids, eardrum perforation, chronic infections, cholesteatoma, facial nerve paralysis, otosclerosis, tumors, ear canal stenosis and cochlear implant surgeryetc. We are providing good results to patients in improving hearing and making ear dry.

1. Tympanoplasty
2. Mastoidectomy
3. Stapedictory

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It is a OPD procedure to repair perforation of tympanic membrane and ossicular chain damage under microscope / endoscope guidance in patients with chronic suppurative otitis media (dry ear) with complaints of ear discharge and decreased hearing.

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It is a surgical procedure to clear the diseases in mastoid bone and middle ear in patients with complaints of ear discharge, decreased hearing and ear pain with diagnosis of unsafe CSOM, acute mastoiditis with complications, facial nerve lesions and is of different types-cortical mastoidectony, modified radical mastoidectomy. cortical mastoidectomy is complete exenteration of all accessible mastoid air cells and to converting them to single cavity.Modified radical mastoidectomy is a procedure to eradicate diseases from the middle ear and mastoid with reconstruction of hearing.

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It is a surgical procedure to replace fixed stapes with piston in patients with complaints of hearing loss(conductive) due to otosclerosis.

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